Motor Vehicle Registration

If your registration has not yet expired, you may renew it online at

You may also renew your registration through the mail, in our office, or over the phone. Please be aware that if you choose to renew your registration over the phone, there is a $5 fee applied for processing your debit/credit card. Proof of liability insurance is required. There are three subcontractor locations that can process registration renewals only. You must have your renewal notice to renew your registration at these locations. They are located at:


Justice of the Peace
301 Kent St
Merkel, Tx 79536


Justice of the Peace
442 Graham St
Tuscola, Tx 79562


Justice of the Peace
155 Main St
Lawn, Tx 79530

Registration fees are as follows:

All passenger vehicles less than 6000 lbs: $62.75
All light trucks less than 6000 lbs: $62.75
All trailers less than 6000 lbs: $56.00
All motorcycles: $42.00

For vehicles and trailers with a weight greater than 6000 lbs:

Trailers Buses, Motor Homes & Trucks
6001-10000 lbs - $65.00 - $66.00
10001-18000 lbs - $121.00 - $122.00
18001-25999 lbs - $216.00 - $217.00
26000-40000 lbs - $351.00 - $352.00
40001-54999 lbs - $546.00 - $547.00
55000-70000 lbs - $751.00 - $752.00
70001-80000 lbs - $851.00 - $852.00

Farm exemptions are available for your truck or trailer. You must complete a Farm Application, and if this is a transfer or the first time you are applying for farm plates, you must have an Agricultural Exemption number from the Texas State Comptroller's Office.

Replacements for lost license plates/stickers are available for $7.00