I Want To

  1. Apply for a Job

    View current career opportunities through the county.

  2. Contact County Departments

    Access the staff directory, including contact information for county departments.

  3. File for Divorce

  4. Find My Commissioner

    Find out about county commissioners.

  5. Find Out Which Court to Go to

    Learn about the county court system and which court will fulfill your needs.

  6. Get Married

    Learn how to acquire a marriage license.

  7. Get My Birth Certificate

    Obtain your birth certificate.

  8. Know About Courthouse Security & Access

    Discover the sheriff department's efforts toward keeping courthouses secure.

  9. Know About Jury Duty

    Access information regarding jury duty.

  10. Pay a Ticket

    Find out how to pay fines to the county.

  11. Pay Court Cost & Fines

    Learn how the county courts collect payments.

  12. Register My Vehicle

    Register your vehicle through the county tax assessor / collector.

  13. Search Court & Jail Records

    Find and obtain a court or jail record.

  14. Search Property / Deed Records

    Find and obtain a property or deed record.

  15. View Commissioners' Court Meetings

    Link to video and audio of Commissioners' Court meetings.

  16. Vote

    Learn about upcoming elections and how to participate.