General and Rental Assistance Programs

General Assistance Program Areas
The following areas are included in this program:
  • Acute Prescription Assistance - Provides assistance for eligible individuals of not more than three prescriptions per service with total amounts not to exceed $300.00 for acute care medications (Not to include paying for anti-depressant or psych medications).  Eligibility criteria will be assessed and must be met prior to assistance being provided.
  • Adult Vision Care - Provides assistance with one vision exam and one pair of glasses every 24 months. We look at 65% or below the federal poverty level along with other eligibility criteria including: household composition, resources and residency in Taylor County.  Individuals receiving Medicaid are ineligible.  Eligible individuals must utilize approved providers.  
  • Dental Assistance Program - Through a partnership with the Christian Service Center and local dental providers, this program provides assistance in regard to the eligibility determination process of dental extraction services. The applicant must fill out the dental assistance application and return it, along with a recent employment verification (check stub) if applicable, to the Taylor County Social Services office for consideration of eligibility. Once an applicant is deemed eligible, they will be referred to the Christian Service Center to pay their copayment amount, complete additional paperwork, and given information in regard to the dentist which will be servicing their needs.  
  • Prescription Assistance Program - Provides assistance and case management for residents of Taylor County related to applying for prescription assistance programs through major pharmaceutical companies.  Eligibility criteria and final approval for assistance is determined by each pharmaceutical company.  Individuals with traditional Medicaid, MQMB, LIS, or private prescription insurance need not apply.
Community Rental Assistance

  • Rental Assistance Program - Provides assistance with 75%, up to $1,000 total, of one months rent for an eligible household. We look at 250% or below of the federal poverty level along with other eligibility criteria including: COVID-19 household impact, household composition, resources and residency in Taylor County. Individuals must have previously applied for assistance through the Texas Rent Relief Program and provide proof of program denial, must be a current resident of Taylor County and have been for a minimum of 30 days, must provide proof of ability to maintain rental payments beyond assistance to prevent future eviction, and must not have received any other form of charitable rental assistance within 6 months prior to their application with Taylor County.