Zero Tolerance Policy

The Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center mandates a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment.  Every juvenile detained in this facility and facilities under contract for residential services has the right to be free from sexual abuse, sexual harassment, neglect and exploitation.  This includes not being subjected to sexually assaultive, abusive, and or harassing behavior from staff and other juveniles.

The Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center is a secure facility and there is no such thing as consensual sex, meaning that no person, regardless of age, can "agree" to have sex or sexual contact with staff or another juvenile resident.


The Taylor County Juvenile Justice Center offers multiple ways to report sexual abuse and sexual harassment:


How to Report Abuse



Tell a TCJJC Staff Member


Call the TCJJC PREA Coordinator or TCJJC Administration

    (325) 691-7462 

     or email at our confidential email address:



Call the TJJD Abuse Hotline


    (877) 786-7263 



Contact the Taylor County Sheriff

    450 Pecan Street

    Abilene, Texas 79602

    (325) 674-1300


Contact the Noah Project

    5802 Texas Avenue

    Abilene, Texas 79605

    (325) 676-7107


Contact Hendricks Medical Center

    1900 Pine Street

    Abilene, Texas 79601

    (325) 670-2000